Design and setup a stunning Facebook business page and cover with strategy tips:

Did you know that there is 1 Billion people currently on facebook, of which 3.2 billion posts are liked every day. Its a great way of businesses being able to drive a number of their key objectives, one of which is to be discoverable.

Not only can I create a great looking business page in Facebook for you but I can also help you with getting you started with how to attract customers to your page. Having a facebook business page is one thing, but knowing what to do with it once it's set up is another. What I will give you in this hourlie Build out your page

1.Create a great looking cover and profile pic, representing your brand along with any images and logo that you have. Add a description about your business along with important milestones that you may have achieved so far.

2.Complete the page details, with company information, allowing customers to find you nearby, hours of operation, contact details etc.

3.A unique facebook URL will be chosen so that it is easy for you to remember and also put on your website.

4 Set up permissions for extra users to post etc. But more importantly set up the permissions of how you'd like your customers to interact with you.

5. Create a call-to-action button to prompt customers to sign up / shop now / Book Now / Contact us / Watch Video

6. I can also give you a list of ways to improve traffic to your page using various Facebook techniques.

These techniques will drive the following objectives: Be Discoverable, Find Customers and Build Relationships.As part of the strategy I will give you tips on how to effective post on Facebook, getting interaction from the customer and how as a business you can reach new people.

Please see the extra add ons below, these can give you that extra conversion of traffic to your website from your facebook business page. Fitting your website into a tab next the photos box is a great way of attracting sales etc.

Any issue with Payment feel free to contact us, we are here to Help.

Design and setup a stunning Facebook business page


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