Facebook Advertising Setup and Design Service:

Unmisable can help you effectively promote your business through the use of Facebook Advertising.

Did you know that there is 1 Billion people currently on facebook, of which 3.2 billion posts are liked every day. Its a great way of businesses being able to drive a number of their key objectives, one of which is to be discoverable.

Simply, Facebook Advertising is amazing. I’m not writing this as a secret undercover agent for Facebook, just an avid strategist that has a lot of love for the advertising capabilities available on the platform. And I have seen it work. If you’re not achieving the results you hoped for with “organic” Facebook promotions, or if you just completely fell off the wagon and don’t even have a social media presence yet, this is for you - everything you need to know about advertising on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Basics

Facebook Advertising Budgeting Options

Audience Targeting Options

Facebook Advertising Options

Whether your goal is to drive potential customers and clients directly to your business’s website, sponsored story, business products, Facebook application, or facebook page, Unmisable can help you successfully navigate the ever shifting social advertising space.

Unmisable understands that successful search and social advertising campaigns rely on a nuanced understanding of the differences in both advertising platform and user behavior. While search campaigns rely mostly on knowing what your audience searches for, social campaigns primarily rely on knowing who your audience is.

Rather than targeting keyword terms that your customers use, Facebook allows your business to exclusively target audiences by such criteria as age, gender, marital status, interests, and more. However, with so many targeting options available, qualified research and a deep understanding of your target market are necessary to execute successful Facebook advertising campaigns. Unmisable paid search team members are specialists who will work with you to gain insight into the hearts and minds of your customers. This translates into a competitive edge in gaining exposure to those who have expressed interest in your type of product or service.

Social advertising is more than simply increasing awareness. Ultimately, the benefits of your advertising efforts should directly contribute to the bottom line of your company and the only way to determine the profitability of your campaigns is through accurate tracking and data. Unmisable is a Google Analytics Qualified Individual. We take pleasure in sifting through mountains of data to find a gem that allows your business to rise above all others.

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Facebook Advertising Setup and Design Service


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